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At McIntosh Electrical, we’re always on the look out for new and innovative products that will enhance your property, increase your safety and security, save you money through energy efficiency or even to just make your life a little easier.

Here is a selection of our favourite and most popular products, but please call us for a chat if you have any other requirements – chances are we will stock the item you are looking for and be able to install it for you in a jiffy, but if it’s not an item we carry, we can source it for you quickly and easily through our wide range of quality suppliers.

Safety Switches

NHP MOD6 RCBO Safety Switch

Switchboard Mounted RCD’s incorporate the same housing and installation features as the MCBs. Delivering peace of mind, RCD’s range sets the standard for performance and durability.It won’t let you down when the going gets tough. This comes from being Australia’s leader in circuit protection equipment.
With a range that includes pulse current sensitive and super immune devices, there’s a unit for every application. Whether your installation is single or three phase, we have an RCD option. Residential application reassurance

On a normal power circuit, the current flowing to an appliance returns through the neutral wire. If the circuit is compromised, the electricity can leak to earth through a person in contact with the appliance, causing death or serious injury.
A safety switch detects the loss of power from the circuit, and cuts the supply of electricity in as little as 30 milliseconds – 0.03 seconds. Importantly, this response time is faster than the critical section of a heartbeat, and therefore significantly reduces the risk of death or serious injury. Circuit breakers and fuses are designed to protect the appliances and electrical fittings in your home. They do not protect human life, and will rarely shut off the power in the event of electric shock. Only safety switches will cut the power to a circuit in the event of earth leakage. Only safety switches can save lives and prevent injuries.
Safety switches have a “test” button on the front face. If the devices in your switch board do not have a test function, they are probably circuit breakers rather than safety switches. You should use the test button several times each year to test that the safety switch is working properly to cut the power. To minimise inconvenience, this can be done at the time clocks are adjusted at the start and finish of daylight savings time. Home owners can also take advantage of any power outage to test their safety switches – after the power is reconnected but before resetting their appliances.
Many Australian homes have safety switches on the power outlet circuits, and some have safety switches on the lighting circuits. But in most homes, other circuits such as pools, air-conditioners,hot water systems and stoves are not protected. For the highest possible level of protection,you need a safety switch on every circuit.
While the laws in each state and territory differ we recommend that ALL circuits in ALL homes be retrofitted with safety switches. These circuits include, power points, lights, stove, hot water system, pool, air conditioner, etc. A licensed electrician will need to install your safety switches to ensure your house is protected correctly. Generally, you would be looking at paying a standard electrician’s service fee for the service which is ordinarily in the vicinity of a few hundred dollars. Some homes, dependant on the quality and size of their switchboards may require upgrades which would increase that cost. Contact your local licensed electrician for a definitive quote.
  • Genuine 6 kA short circuit protection
  • 6-32 A Overload protection
  • 30 mA Earth leakage protection
  • Same size as a standard MCB
  • Easy to retrofit an MCB with RCBO
  • Screw terminals line and load
  • No flying leads
  • Special buscomb to allow quick installation
  • Dual DIN clip (top and bottom)

Smoke Alarms

Clipsal Smoke Alarms

Tragically, each year in Australia there are over 10,000 house fires resulting in more than 70 deaths, 1,500 injuries and millions of dollars’ worth of property damage. These kinds of fires happen all too frequently, and the fact is, they happen fast.

A house can be literally razed to the ground in less than 15 minutes. That’s why it’s essential for every home to be fitted with a sufficient number of appropriate and suitably placed mains powered smoke alarms. Installing a high-quality smoke alarm ensures your peace of mind by offering you 24 hour a day protection for your family and home against fire and smoke. The early warning that a smoke alarm provides means less chance of major damage and, more importantly, less chance of lives being lost.

When choosing a smoke alarm, it is important to know that different models use different methods to detect smoke.
There are two main types of smoke detectors: ionisation, and photoelectric types. Each is specifically designed to detect different types of smoke, and give the earliest possible warning in the event of a fire.
The amount of warning given depends on the type of combustible material that is burning, and the type of alarm selected for your home. The more warning you get, the more time you have to escape the deadly toxic smoke and flames.
Ionisation type alarms respond faster to small smoke particles, such as those given off by burning paper, straw, or wood.

Photoelectric alarms respond faster to larger smoke particles, such as those produced by burning foam, rubber, plastics and other synthetic materials.Nowadays, most homes are filled with synthetic materials.

These include nylon found in carpets and curtains, plastic consumer goods and the foam rubber found in a lounge chair or mattress of your bed. Therefore the best detector type for your home is usually a photoelectric detector type. For the ultimate protection, a combination of both ionisation and photoelectric is recommended.

Smoke alarms can either be mains powered, or battery powered. Battery powered smoke alarms are commonly available from supermarkets and hardware stores. These types of alarms DO NOT comply with the required regulations for new buildings, as they offer an inferior level of protection – and, where battery powered alarms are present, up to 40% of them have been found to be non-functional due to poor maintenance or flat batteries.
Battery alarms have a big weakness – they rely on YOU to test and change the battery on a regular basis. All too often we get lazy or forget to do this, and the results can be catastrophic. In the event the battery goes flat, the alarm cannot detect smoke, and will not alert you to any danger.
All mains powered smoke alarms have a continuous source of power and also incorporate a backup battery. That way the alarm can respond to the presence of smoke, even if the mains power is cut. Mains powered smoke alarms also offer features that are not available in battery powered models, including the ability to be interconnected.
Mains powered smoke alarms can also be interconnected so that when one alarm trips, all units will sound – ensuring adequate warning and the best possible reaction time.
All our alarms are supplied with with a high quality Energizer alkaline battery to ensure long life and superior performance.
755PSMA and 755PFM


• Lounge
• Living areas
• Bedrooms
• Rumpus

755SMA and 755FM


• Hallway
• Corridor
• Study/ Home office


Clipsal Power point C2000 Series

The Classic range of Clipsal Power points features a level of quality and elegance that you would expect from electrical switches and power points costing much more. The covers come in a choice of superb metal finishes and coloured plastic mouldings. This cover not only looks attractive, it also hides all mounting holes and is easily removed to enable you to paint right up to the edge of the grid plate without having to worry about marking the cover. As covers and grid plates are easily interchangeable, you can create combinations to match any décor theme.

Clipsal Power point with USB

Key Features

  • C2015 10A GPO
  • Single 30USBCM USB Charger
  • Surge, over-current and over-temperature protection
  • Cable compensation for optimised charging
  • Meets BC1.2 USB Charging Standard
  • Meets Class V Energy Efficiency in standby
  • Certified to all relevant safety and EMC requirements for Australia

LED Lighting

Led 10w Recessed Downlight


  • LED’s use 1/5th of the power of halogens
  • We have calculated that based on replacing 20 x halogens with 20 x LEDs you would save approx. $200.00 on your next quarterly power bill alone.
  • Recessed downlight
  • Polyamide body with latest heat dissipation technology
  • Opal acrylic diffuser, even light output
  • High efficiency SMD LED chips
  • Integrated design, easy installation
  • Built-in trailing edge dimmable LED driver
  • 1.2 m flex & plug fitted
  • IP44 weatherproof
  • Available fitting colour: White or Silver
  • Available colour temperature: Warm White, Cool White, Daylight



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